A Slow Transition… and It Begins!


Well, the jet lag has finally worn off. Two nights ago I went to take a nap at 5:30 PM and ended up waking up at midnight. Whoops. I then ended up waking up constantly the next morning, if you can even call 3 AM morning, waiting for my alarm to go off. Of course, I didn’t even hear it go off at 8 AM because I was already up and exploring the Expo Village by 5:30 AM. But look! Here I am, 9:30 at night, and still kicking! Good sign, good sign. Heck, I even slept all the way until my alarm went off this morning. I here by dub myself “transitioned.” Of course, by that I only mean in relation to time. My language mindset is still switching over. It would seem that my mouth moves quite a bit faster than my brain (although this isn’t really a new discovery) and as I spew out a sentence in Chinese, I will remember once I get to the word “oh wait, I have no idea how to say that word in Chinese.” Well, by then it is too late to backtrack and I end up staring up dumbly at the poor Chinese person having to deal with me. Perhaps I should plan these things out in advance, but hey, that’s no way to learn a language.

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