Paths to Nowhere and a Half-Naked Man

There are some things in China that I just do not understand. Like the mystery path, for instance. On every sidewalk in China, there is a narrow bumpy trail. It’s quite annoying actually. It hurts to walk on and I always end up finding myself walking on it. Why is it there? What is the point of this bumpy path in the middle of the sidewalk!?
A Path on Top of a Path

I heard awhile back that these paths are for the blind and the elderly with poor sight. I suppose walking on an uncomfortable bumpy surface makes you aware of where you are. So fear not, if you want a trail to follow, you will always be able to find this path on the sidewalk.

Quite a Hazard for the Ankles

On the other hand, even if your eyes are in perfectly good condition, you should still be wary. There are dangers everywhere in China, even for those with 20/20 vision! Take me for example- innocently standing on my balcony watching the Shanghai sunset (which was actually quite nice after the rain cleared up)…

Visible Clouds and Sky- a Picture Worth Taking in China…

I glance to my right, to the apartment building across from me, when BAM! Right there in front of me!  Please tell me you see what I saw!!

A Quick Game of “Where’s Waldo?”

All right, even if your eyes aren’t bad enough to need the bumpy path, you still might not be able to spot it, so I’ll help you out. Here’s a little magnification for your…enjoyment?


It’s a dangerous world out there. Be careful what you look for.

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