China’s Not-So-Subtle Mimicry


Oh, Hai Bao. The cute blue World Expo 2010 mascot that ever so slightly resembles Gumby…perhaps a side-by-side comparison is needed to see the similarities.

Some people see these two critters and claim Hai Bao’s creators had no creativity and simply used Gumby as the prototype. Yes, there are definitely similarities, but it gets even better.

Introducing Xinxiang Haibao Electrical Appliance Company. And take a look at their mascot. Oh yes, he and the expo Hai Bao are almost almost exactly the same. Oh and yes, the expo mascot has the same name as the company. Hai Bao. Coincidence? I think not. Luckily, the Xinxiang company reported that it “never had so much free publicity” so all is well for both Hai Bao’s.

While we are on the subject of Expo copyright infringements, turns out the Expo 2010 theme song is a knock-off of a 1997 Japanese hit by Maya Okamoto called “そのままの君でいて”. I found a video on Youtube that shows cuts of each song placed side-by-side, revealing the melodies to be the same only with different lyrics…unfortunately, that song has been taken off Youtube. Probably by China, since we discovered their secret.


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