Neon Hospitals and Bowel-Burning Hot Pot


There are many different types of dangers lurking out there in the big city. Some types are easily identifiable. You see it and you immediately know- hey, that’s a bad idea, I shouldn’t go there…like this hospital, for instance:

Hmm…I just have this gut feeling that any hospital that blinks and has neon lighting just probably isn’t the place I’d want to go to.

But then you get places that are sneakier, more deceptive. Take the Chinese cuisine of “Hot Pot” for example. Oh sure, sounds like a good idea…until you order the food and see what is actually going into that pot of boiling water sitting in front of you.

Definitely not for the weak of stomach, I would say. Fungus, mushroom, tofu, eel, snake, frog, meat, meat, meat. Anything fuzzy, lumpy, odd-looking. Anything edible….even questionably so. Now that is quality Hot Pot. But what’s a trip to China without a Hot Pot experience? Oh sure, you might regret it later when your bowels kick in, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….right?

Just Add Water

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