The World on One Bus


Going to work every morning, I take the World Expo staff bus.  All the other pavilion workers do as well, so you get quite a mix of people on these buses. The other day, I stood next to three Korean girls with attempted-ly dyed blonde hair and fake eyelashes, a group of Pacific Islanders dressed in hula-type outfits and flowers, and two Chinese ladies in full-on traditional garb, qi pao and all. Today- a band of European girls whom I identified as from the Danish pavilion once I saw “The Little Mermaid” written across their T-shirts, (They are very VERY proud of their national treasure- a bronze statue of the Little Mermaid), Indian women in saris, and men from Saudi Arabia covered head to toe with headdress as well. On the ride home, I sat next to a lady from Botswana. Now, obviously, I can’t just be snapping photos of my bus mates as we all ride home from a long work day…but I CAN snap that picture as they are walking away. My sneaky sleuthing skills aren’t very advanced but here is an on-the-go action shot taken to show you the different garbs found at the World Expo.


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