Where in the World Do these People Live?


When you walk through the Shanghai expo, the big name pavilions really jump out at you. They’re easily recognizable, they have 7 to 9 hour queues, and they are huge. But what about those other pavilions? Those random countries that you didn’t know about until you came to the expo? After all, China, Germany, and the UK are only three of the 192 countries participating in this year’s world expo. It takes days to get through all the pavilions here. I’ve already used up several of my off days and I still haven’t seen them all. But I will admit, I have discovered quite a few countries.

Azerbaijan. The State of Eritrea. Myanmar. Malta. Niue. Not to mention getting mixed up by all the “stans”- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan. It gets confusing!

So my question to you is Do you know the Middle East? See if you can not only recognize the country names but also label them correctly on a map. If you’re feeling good about your geography skills, try Europe, America, or if you really want a challenge- the tiny islands of the Caribbean.

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