Shanghai’s Barbie Super Store


While walking down a random street in Shanghai today with my roommate Jillian, I noticed something that isn’t seen very often anywhere. A six-story Barbie super store. The largest Barbie store in the world, in fact.

We were slightly skeptical about the quality of a six-story Barbie store at first. After all, what all can you put in a store dedicated to a single doll to make it six stories tall? Oh, but don’t worry. There was a directory.

Children could pose with various Barbie backgrounds and be photographed at the Barbie Photo Moment.

Or you could play around on one of the provided computers and design your own Barbie doll at the Barbie Design Center.

If you got tired, you could sit down at the Barbie Cafe and order some chocolates with your tea.

And if you couldn’t choose between the many options of Barbie doll, you could take a relaxing break and get a manicure or a makeover at the Barbie Spa.

But wait! There’s more! A catwalk cuts across the cafe so relaxing customers can enjoy a real runway fashion show while they dine.

And if you haven’t encountered enough Barbies by this time, a glass case surrounding the spiral staircase, which spans 3 of the 6 floors, holds a unique Barbie doll in each of its boxes. Every one has a different dress and hairstyle. I know because I looked.

Although Chinese customers are intrigued by the blonde haired, blue-eyed concept of Barbie, the store had to tweak some of its designs to more adequately fit Chinese society. The more revealing and scandalous clothing pieces were replaced with Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, and other cartoon character brands. Beyond that though, the blonde bimbo is doing just fine on the other side of the world.


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