Swing Dancing with Strangers


With Dorm Crew over, (I made about 500 dollars and cleaned almost the same number of dorms), I had more free time to explore Cambridge as the other freshmen who hadn’t participate in pre-orientation programs poured onto campus. Cambridge is an amazing area- restaurants of all types, street performers, musicians, and best of all, bubble tea!

Often Filled with Entertainers and Musicians

As a few of my new friends and I wandered down a street right outside one of the Harvard gates, we noticed a hubbub ahead: middle-aged men and women dancing in a circle as an enthusiastic older woman yelled out directions to them over the loud 40s music. They were swing dancing! Laughing, we paused for a moment to observe the dancing ensemble, only to have men come over and swoop us up! Off we went, dancing with strangers to a song we didn’t know, doing a dance we had never danced, with a group that was significantly older than us. Not that it made a difference- they were quite lithe on their feet. In fact, one man spun me so fast, I had to shuffle-shuffle-shuffle double-time so I wouldn’t be spun off into the distance by his centripetal force! (Or whatever it would be, I haven’t taken Physics in years).

Shuffle shuffle left, shuffle shuffle right. three steps in, kick, three steps out, bow, grab your partner, SPIN REAL FAST, then back around, switch over a man, and begin again!

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