Binge-reading Chic Lit, Thus Skewing My Expectations


Woah, I did not realize that flying to Rome took so long. I guess after so many China flights, I figured nothing else could be that bad. And yes, it wasn’t as bad. After all, it wasn’t 14 hours. But 8 hours or so can be rough also. My brain and perception on life have officially been fried and altered after reading hours upon hours of predictable, stereotypically formatted, chic lit novels. Sadly, I must confess that while quite a few of those hours occurred on the flight, several more of those cell-killing hours occurred in the presence of my own apartment, willingly happening despite having other options for extracurricular fun. And due to that mindless drivel I call a book, I now expect to…

…bump into a gorgeous, rich man in an improbable scenario and at first glance realize that he is absolutely riveting and I must have him but I cannot because he is above my station. Yet, due to my good looks and more importantly, my wit and unique qualities that set me apart from every other character in my own real life novel, he will aggressively pursue me, even after a spat three-quarters of the way through our tale that causes him to become angry with me, but not for too long obviously, because he simply cannot resist me. I will probably have a stressful career and a mother hounding me to get married, as well as siblings that are succeeding far more than I am in life. However, through my interactions with said hunk, I will learn to stand up for myself in my job and family situation, and all will end happily ever after, probably with a job promotion to boot…

So now I’ve learned. I’m just going to sit like a bump on a log  and wait for Chapter 1: improbable coincidental run-in in which protagonist (me) meets and interacts with gorgeous man (who is probably a little rude and/or egotistical but will soon reveal himself to be a deep, troubled character)  expecting never to see him again. Thank you $5 e-book novels. From you, I have learned a great deal. However, please proof-read your next draft before going to print, I noticed several typos and grammar errors.

Yours truly,

Protagonist Not Looking for Love but Will Probably Find it in the Next Chapter


  1. Caroline,
    I love to keep up with your experiences. Keep up the blog.
    But since your brain has gotten mushy from your recent
    reading category, you probably will not be able to handle the rigorous
    sophomore year.
    You could transfer to the boston campus of the University of KMART>

    I love u,

  2. It is very important that he have a hawk-like nose and be sardonic. Also, 3/4 through the book, when you have your spat – it is very important that you beat your tiny fists against his broad chest.

    I, too, have found that these books are just like real life.

    Love you!

  3. Haha thanks Grandma, I’ll start filling out the application. Maybe you can write me a recommendation?

    And Ruth, how could I forget the hawk-like nose?! I’m glad someone understands me!

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