Delayed Fight = Memorizing the Airport Layout


It would seem that I jinxed myself by saying I didn’t get the chance to explore Rome. I guess Kenya Airways heard my grumbling and decided to delay my flight to Nairobi in order to give the opportunity. My flight, which was supposed to leave at 11 this morning, is now leaving at 7:30 tonight. This also means I’m going to miss my connecting flight to Kigali, so I’ll be staying in Nairobi for the night.

This delay hasn’t really bothered me though. I wasn’t exactly excited to hop onto a 6 hour flight in the first place. So I began my explorations to burn time. First off, I walked my entire terminal– no exciting sitting cafe area for delayed passengers, not really any seating area at all. I figured maybe it was just my area that was shoddy, so I ventured off, hopped on a shuttle to a different terminal and continued on my merry way. Well, once again, it was all duty-free shops and that’s it! They only have fast food type restaurants with no seating! And the weird part is, the gate I ventured off to didn’t have an exit! I guess they expect that all people going there will take a flight and not need to head back. So I had to sneak down a Do Not Enter staircase and hop on the shuttle from the exit side!

On top of that, I had to go back through security. During this trek, I also tried to find internet. Surprise, surprise, there is no wireless internet here. One person told me that Terminal 1 had it, but when I asked another person, he said it was in Terminal 3! And when I tried to confirm with another information desk person, he said that going to Terminal 1 takes 30 minutes and then the next guy said it was physically impossible! I finally was able to determine that getting to either terminal involves “going outside,” which after much prodding, does in fact mean, go through customs. As much as I would love to go through customs and go explore Rome for the day, it’s probably not the best idea, especially after seeing how unhelpful these people are.

I did, however, figure out how to use a pay phone in Italian though. Not too clever, since I had to try 3 different ones before I got one to work. I am now in the fourth section of gates ( I have effectively traversed A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H now). And let me tell you, none of them are that great. Who designed this airport?!

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am probably going to continue eating and reading bad novels. The eating is a bad choice because I already had gelato at 10 in the morning (never a good call) and the reading is bad because, well, I already read all my chic books and my Kindle is low on battery!

Thank goodness for book stores. Extremely expensive ones. Being sold in a currency I don’t understand. What’s the USD exchange rate to the Euro anyway? Oh, credit card, I apologize in advance, but I spy an airport massage spa. Time for a million dollar (or Euro) 30-minute massage.

I am not actually in the Italian airport at the moment of posting this. I wrote this post while marooned there and have delayed posting it until now. Simply too lazy to change my verb tenses.


    • Yeah, I felt obligated to put that because someone- not naming names- was being persnickety about it earlier. Didn’t want to confuse my poor readers thinking I’ve been stranded in that airport for days on end.

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