Overnight Struggles in the Nairobi Airport


Well, I am now sitting in the Nairobi airport. After the 6 hour flight from Rome to Nairobi, which got delayed over 12 hours, I was expecting to be put in a hotel for the night and fly out the next morning. But, surprise! My sister Elizabeth was waiting for me when I came out of the gate. Turns out her flight to Kigali got delayed until tomorrow morning so she is stuck here as well. Since I am so accustomed to loitering in airports at this point, we aren’t even going to leave. Although I can’t get on the same flight as her (she’s taking Kenya airlines at 8 and I’m taking Rwanda Air at 10:30), we are both now in this airport at the very stagnant time of 3 in the morning. Her poor fiance Dave is conked out on the ground sleeping and even got run over slightly by a luggage cart. Luckily, we aren’t the only poor souls trapped here– everywhere I turn, sleeping bodies have found the airport crevices to sleep in. The VIP lounge opened up at 5am, so I am in here, once again chowing down food and not doing much else, while Elizabeth and Dave are passed out asleep in the Prayer Room. Sacrilegious? I think God will understand.

Nairobi’s Exclusive VIP Lounge

Somehow everything worked out though. I thought I was going to have to go through customs to get my bag, which stopped in Nairobi, and then go back through security to have it for my morning flight, but one of the airport guys rushed me through customs to grab my bag and then take it back here. Now, it’s sitting at the gate so when I check in at 9am I can go right on to my flight. So nice of them! I’m already liking Africa.

I’m excited to surprise everyone in Kigali tomorrow. Mary Patton and Cody, my two other sisters, are arriving as well, but they don’t know that I will be there!  At this point though, even my chic books are starting to bore me. Bad sign. I’m now trying to teach myself Kinyarwandan, since I obviously wasn’t very well prepared in Rome.


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