To my Father: a Father’s Day Post


My father is the #1 follower of my blog. Of the total number of “pecks” (site visits) I’ve had so far, he has probably contributed about two-thirds of them. When he purchased an iPad, my daily hits skyrocketed. At first I thought I had made it big! But then I realized it was my dad keeping the page open all day and refreshing it over and over again. He calls me to let me know how many site visits I’ve had and if I’m about to hit a big number. Heck, he visits the site more than I do. And when he is bored or sad or really whenever, he will call and ask me, “will you please please PLEASE write a new blog post?” So, what could be better for Father’s Day than another blog post, specifically written for my #1 fan.

My Special Father’s Day Weekend Trip:

Our Father’s Day Weekend Adventure began with a car ride from Cambridge, Massachusetts to Woodstock, Vermont, where we were going to be staying for the weekend.

Well, that silly father decided to rent a red convertible to make our trip more enjoyable– so we drove the entire way with the top down and country music playing.

Earlier that day, I called the Woodstock Inn asking if they knew of any fun Father’s Day activities we could do, and as we were driving up, they called back to let us know about a Hot Air Balloon Festival in a neighboring town.

So we threw our plans to the wind and drove to Quechee, Vermont in search of the 33rd annual Hot Air Balloon Festival.

And good thing we went when we did! We tried to go back the next night and all the parking was already taken so we couldn’t even go in.

The two of us were even able to go right up to the balloons in the field and watch them take off.

We then explored the craft fair section and bought lots and lots of shrinky-dink knick-knacks…my favorite!!

After getting me a hot air balloon ornament for my dorm room, he then got us a tasty dessert crepe with our last few dollars.

After loitering at the festival for a long time, the two of us drove off into a Vermont sunset.

The next day, we explored the town.

We found a pretty, little stream…

…which he forced me to go stand in for a photo opp. Very cold. But I complied.

We then snuck by the fancy restaurant we were going to eat at later than night, YUM!

After some nice relaxation time of spa for me and tennis for him, the two of us drove up and down the mountains in our snazzy convertible to pass the time.

On our drive we discovered a farmers’ market with very lovely hanging plants that we couldn’t pass up.

So naturally, we bought three big ones, even though we had very little room in the car and weren’t going back to Cambridge for another day.

Which also meant we had to go to the florist once we got back in Cambridge to get even more treasures!

We got a new orchid for my office…

and lots of goodies for my own garden!!

Which he basically gardened all by himself since he is the gardener extraordinaire.

Did I mention that Sister #1 made a surprise visit to Cambridge on Sunday to join the Father’s Day festivities? She didn’t really help with gardening though.

Instead, the two of us got very distracted and went shopping, leaving the father all by his lonesome. He was not fazed though–  he swept the porch and organized my entire backyard!

With all the treats and fun I got this weekend, I feel as though it was Daughter’s Day!!

Look at my final garden 🙂 Product of a very successful father-daughter weekend.



  1. What a great way to start my day… members of the Davis family to keep me company. Thanks for including me vicariously on your adventures.

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