Eating Rijsttafel: Indonesian Food in the Netherlands


Rijsttafel is a popular Indonesian dish in the Netherlands, adopted during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. The word simply means “rice table”. Basically, you get rice and a variety of delicious dishes, all somehow fitting on your table.

Anni ordered a vegetarian single-serving rijsttafel and even after confirming that it was just enough food for one person, she received over15 plates!

I, on the other hand, ordered duck– so I had my one bigger plate. Regardless, we both struggled to walk after the meal, it was so good!


  1. Ow, the serving looks like restaurant for West Sumatera in Indonesia. They will put everything on your table with suitable portion for each person, so we just choose what we want to eat and pay for what we’ve eaten :).

      • Yes, we do eat it a lot, especially in Padang restaurant, for the common one we have “prasmanan”; we are given a portion of rice (usually full of 5-6 diameter wide bowl) and then we choose by our self any kind of vegetable and meat that the restaurant provides :).

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