Wild Kangaroo Sightings in Yanchep National Park


Yanchep National Park, known for its cave systems and koala colonies, was only a hop, skip, and a jump away from where we were staying, so we decided to do a day of exploration there.

Surrounded by silly looking lumpy birds with bright red beaks, we started by the lake, which was entirely dried up due to the dry season. (It did not rain once during our entire Australia trip).

We beelined over to the Koala enclosure to check off a quintessential auction item from our Aussie to-do list: see a koala!!

 Small and lazy, the koalas didn’t do much beyond sleep, but they were still cute to see, even if from quite a distance.


We also got to hold a koala skull. Sorry little fellas.

We then hiked along a walking trail through “the bush” and spotted lots of funky bushes, no wild animals, and a few suspicious looking buggies. It felt a bit like being in a Dr. Seuss world.

The sign at the entrance to the hiking trail warned us to “tell two responsible people of your walk plans” before going. I was the only one to notice/read the sign, and being the “nature can’t hurt you, we’ll be fine” person that I am, I made no comment.

Once we got lost on the trail, I thought it was the perfect time to inform Kate and Valerie of the sign’s warning, and explain that we were fine because I had told the two of them that I was going on a hike.

Needless to say, they did not think my joke was very funny.

A hour or so later, we made it off the trail, all in one piece. Except for Kate, who donated a significant amount of her blood to some biting insects.

We then wandered toward Cabaret Cave, Perth’s only cave for hire. Naturally air-conditioned and capable of seating up to 120 people, Cabaret Cave is rented out for conferences, seminars, and social functions. It was discovered in 1902 and was used as a venue for secret dinners and dances for Perth’s rich and famous.

Knackered from our day in the wilderness, we trekked back to the park’s one cafe, which we heard did a yummy afternoon tea.


We were a bit put-off by the sign at first, but they were true to their word. The food was good, and there were spiders all over the ceiling.

On our way back to the car, we basically bumped into a pair of kangaroos munching on hibiscus flowers in the picnic area. WILD kangaroos! So, of course, we snuck up on them and took selfies.

LOTS of selfies.

Then, in our typical fashion, we attempted more yoga poses. Key word: attempted.

And saw this sign and ran away.



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