Fifteen Things that Change After Getting a Dog


In honor of National Dog Day (today), here’s a “listicle” where really I’m just sharing photos of my dog… Without further ado-

15 Things that Change After Getting a Dog

1. You take more naps (how can you resist?!)


2. Your clothes become fun toys (more fun than actual dog toys)


3. Children now love you. Well, “you”


4. Everyone now wants to talk to you! Well, to your dog

Everyone knows Stella’s name. No one knows mine. I still credit it to my popularity anyways. Seriously though, pre-dog, none of my neighbors talked to me.

5. You are no longer the messiest roommate

Why is your food everywhere?! Eat from the bowl!


6. You get really excited about pee and poop

How on Earth did she fit that all on the pad?…And why does she pee like this??


7. You go out in the rain more (even if you don’t want to)

When a girl’s gotta pee, a girl’s gotta pee!


8. You no longer need an alarm clock


9. People start to think you’re artsy, but really you’re just taking photos of your dog

Day dreaming of playtime


10. Date Night occurs at home a lot more

What should we do tonight? Eh, let’s just cuddle our dog.


11. You no longer get any alone time

Yes, Stella, I’m in the bathtub. Yes, I am fine. Thank you for checking.


12. You’re much more aware of how much time you spend out of the house


13. Your boyfriend becomes even more of a chick magnet

Who can resist?! AND he has cookies in the other hand. Drool.


14. You can make any photo even cuter with your new prop

Just add dog. Cuteness x 100. (No offense Cody)


15. You now have a best friend for always

D’awwww <3


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