My Bedroom Wall is Covered with Sticky Notes


Earlier this year in a bout of neurotic organization, I stuck color-coordinated sticky notes all over my bedroom wall. Why?

I love writing lists. I love marking off completed tasks. But when I found old journals and notebooks strewn about with the same lists written over and over again in them, I realized I never check my wish lists once I write them down!

So this time, I “borrowed” some office supplies and stuck my goals right onto my wall, to be seen every day. And, now, by seeing them there, I’ve actually completed quite a few! 

In case you are curious, this was the logic I used (because of course I created rules and procedures):


In Kan-Ban style – three columns:

Not Started, In Progress, Finished


Pink – long-term project to chip away it

Orange – needs preparation or training to accomplish

Yellow – easy to do, but I’m nervous to go do it


  1. Stick it up as soon as I think of it
  2. Only take it down (as in not complete it) after serious consideration 
  3. It’s okay to only work on a few at a time
  4. Always be working towards one, even if it’s baby steps

What have I completed in 2018?


  • Read Harry Potter in Chinese (in progress – 5 of 17 chapters)


  • Scuba Diving
    • Get Advanced Open Water certified (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)
    • Get Nitrox certified (Belize)
    • Do a dive live aboard  (Belize)
  • Fitness
    • Do a (2nd and 3rd) sprint triathlon (Santa Cruz & Marin)
    • Do a bike race (Santa Rosa)
  • Learning
    • Sing in a performance (LinkedIn acapella)
    • Present a speech in Mandarin (Chinese Toastmasters)


  • Fitness
    • Run 10k
    • Attend an Open Water Swim group (Water World Swim)
    • Play a tennis match in SF (Alamo Square Park)
  • Learning
    • Swing dancing class (Lindy in the Park)
    • Salsa dancing class (Salsa & bachata @ Space 550)
    • Surfing lessons (Pacifica)

On the List for 2019 and Beyond


  • Run a kickstarter
  • Publish a book
  • Sell something on Etsy
  • Self-publish a book


  • Scuba Diving
    • Get dry suit certified
    • Volunteer in the SF aquarium’s shark tank
  • Fitness
    • Swim from Alcatrez – 1.2mi
    • Run a mile in <7 minutes
    • Olympic distance triathlon
    • Run a half marathon 
  • Learning
    • Take a creative writing class
    • Learn to drive manual
    • Get boater’s license


  • Fitness
    • Go to November Project
    • Do a Hash Run in SF
    • Join a Triathlon Club or Swimming Club (SF Tri or Golden Gate Tri or South End?)


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