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In 2014, after graduating from Harvard, I moved to Hong Kong, where I still am - practicing my Mandarin and picking up some Cantonese along the way.

I’m Moving to Hong Kong!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!! Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财! (And a very belated one) It's a few days past the end of Chinese New Year and officially...

One More Continent Checked Off the List

Every year, Harvard gives its students the full month of January off, so after all the hubbub of final exams, Christmas, and New Year’s...

I Paid Someone to Bruise Me with a Metal Rod (in...

Last spring, my lower back was really hurting. It's a long story that started with, "ow, my back really hurts", and ended, many months later,...

Brutal Honesty at the Massage Parlor

I like to seek out massage parlors "one step above brothel". If the sign prominently displays a neon blinking foot and the menu uses...

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