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I've spent the majority of my Asia adventures in China, where I studied all four summers of high school and worked during the Shanghai World Expo. Now, I live in Hong Kong. I've traveled to Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan for business, and visited Thailand.

Neon Hospitals and Bowel-Burning Hot Pot

There are many different types of dangers lurking out there in the big city. Some types are easily identifiable. You see it and you...

Paths to Nowhere and a Half-Naked Man

There are some things in China that I just do not understand. Like the mystery path, for instance. On every sidewalk in China, there...

The Chinese Are Healthier?

I'd say Chinese people are much healthier than Americans in many ways...diet, for example. Obesity does not run rampant in China as it does...

Different Language, Same Result

I never know what to expect when talking to people in a foreign country. The really nice waitress who looked helpful? Snubbed us. The...

A Friendly Stranger and a Failed Spontaneous Adventure

Our exciting plans to explore Shanghai last night evaporated when our 5pm rejuvenating nap became a 17 hour slumber. To make up for yesterday's...

The USA Pavilion and the Expo Itself

The Shanghai World Expo surrounds the Huang Pu river. On the Pu Xi side of the river are the Corporate pavilions and on the...

A Slow Transition… and It Begins!

Well, the jet lag has finally worn off. Two nights ago I went to take a nap at 5:30 PM and ended up waking...

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