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Amsterdam, Netherlands

In 2013, during my 3rd year at Harvard, I traveled to Europe for a spring break trip with a friend from Florida. We visited Amsterdam, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

Eating Rijsttafel: Indonesian Food in the Netherlands

Rijsttafel is a popular Indonesian dish in the Netherlands, adopted during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia. The word simply means "rice table". Basically, you...

Educational Alcohol Drinking: “House of Bols” Tour

The House of Bols. I'll be honest, we had never heard of the Bols brand and didn't really know what to expect from an...

Why Walk When You Can Float: The Canals From a Different...

For our last day in Amsterdam, we decided to knock off all the touristy things on our to-do list. This meant taking a cruise...

Exploring the Flower Markets

Yesterday, we went to the Bloemenmarkt, which is the world's only floating flower market. Founded in 1862, it includes 15 florists and garden shops, as well as a range...

Walking the Canals of Amsterdam

After a quick layover in Iceland, and a new stamp for my passport, we are now in Amsterdam! I've now got stamps in my new...

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