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Shanghai’s Barbie Super Store

While walking down a random street in Shanghai today with my roommate Jillian, I noticed something that isn't seen very often anywhere. A six-story...

Now You Can Pretend You Visited the World Expo

The time has come for me to bestow all my valuable Shanghai World Expo 2010 knowledge that I have accrued gradually over time on you....

A Moroccan Market

Here are some photos from the Moroccan pavilion - spices, jewelry, candles, ancient scripts...anything and everything in their market!  

Off to Burundi in the Morn!

Yesterday after work, I had some free time so I headed off to the African Joint-Pavilion. Unlike other countries that have huge buildings to themselves, the...

Neon Hospitals and Bowel-Burning Hot Pot

There are many different types of dangers lurking out there in the big city. Some types are easily identifiable. You see it and you...

Paths to Nowhere and a Half-Naked Man

There are some things in China that I just do not understand. Like the mystery path, for instance. On every sidewalk in China, there...

A Slow Transition… and It Begins!

Well, the jet lag has finally worn off. Two nights ago I went to take a nap at 5:30 PM and ended up waking...

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