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One More Continent Checked Off the List

Every year, Harvard gives its students the full month of January off, so after all the hubbub of final exams, Christmas, and New Year’s...

Empowering Women to Lead: Sheryl Sandberg Speaks at Harvard

Stand up if you have ever said any of these words OUT LOUD:           "I am going to be #1 in...

I Saw You Harvard

Here's the situation: As you are rushing across campus from one class to another, you stumble upon a fine specimen of the opposite sex. So...

There’s a Class for Eating Food?!

It's been awhile since my last update, and I already have my class schedule figured out now, but before I did, I went through...

Manual Labor is not for Sissies

Because I just couldn't wait five more days to move into my dorm on August 26th's official moving day, I had to sign up...

Moving Up to Cambridge

I flew up to Cambridge, Massachusetts today. It didn't really hit me that I was leaving home until the plane was circling to land....

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